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10k is a project that experiments with both audio and visual aspects of the pieces. The project is a collaboration between Lesley Keen and the composers below, who approach the structure and make up of the music in an experimental manner.

alexey sibikin

Alexey Sibikin

Alexey Sibikin is an electronic musician from St Petersburg, Russia. He produces original music which is the fruit of intelligent electronic influences and a deep love for Lo-Fi samples, vintage synths and intricate rythmical textures. He is also a drummer and music programmer in post-progressive band L-dopha.

Tom Rennie

Tom Rennie

Tom Rennie is a composer, musician and producer based in
South West Scotland.

Tom has collaborated with Lesley on several film projects including Ra; The Path of the Sun God and Burrellesque.

Fran├žois Elie Roulin

Described by Brian Eno as a new pioneer of sound painting, Fran├žois Elie Roulin composes music for television, theatre, dance, animation and cinema. He has released seven albums, moving between electro, classical and acoustic genres.


Serenity uses a composition by Canadian composer, Altus, who provides open access to his work. The images were edited to match a suitable pre-existing music track, which was not created especially for the 10k series.



Based in Ottawa, Canada, Mike Carss (aka Altus) has been creating ambient / symphonic music since 2001.